Direct Response Mission

When launching a new product, Direct Response Television is quite likely the most explosive path to market with the potential to generate large sales volume in a short period of time. Television and internet based marketing campaigns can drive customer awareness rapidly through repeat exposure and visual demo.

When a full product roll-out takes place, not only are the television ads ramped up and direct response orders taken, goods are also shipped to major retailers round the US to drive product sales on the shelf. This a well-coordinated effort.

Typically, a successful DRTV product roll-out, depending upon the exact price point, involves the sales of at least a million units over a one-year period. Sometimes a roll-out may result in even more sales over a longer period of time. We are interested in licensing your technology and paying a fair royalty based upon the eventual cost of goods and strength of your intellectual property. There are never any costs or fees on your end associated with testing, developing or manufacturing the product. At a certain point in the testing process, we would be interested in signing a formal licensing agreement. If it looks like you have a product that may be successful on DRTV, we can speak further and I will explain all the details.


Tuttle Direct, LLC